Wedding Film Packages


Moment Collection

The Moment film is unique and beautiful. The audio used in this film is minimal and the incredible story is primarily told through the use of authentic visuals and music.

2-3 minute Moment Film

6 hours of coverage

1 Videographer

Custom Wedding Website


Portrait Collection

The Portrait Film captures the heart of who you are as a couple. It weaves together audio, visuals, and music to fully take you back into every emotion from your day. 

4-6 minute Portrait Film

9 hours of coverage

1 Videographer

Custom Wedding Website

Full Ceremony and Toasts


Journey Collection

Relive every single moment from you day. This collection includes our Journey Film, your full ceremony and toasts, and all the RAW footage from your day.

8-10 Minute Journey Film

1 minute Wedding Teaser

10 hours of coverage

2 Videographers

2-3 Minute Engagement Film

Custom Wedding Website

Full Ceremony and Toasts

Drone footage

RAW Footage

1 Wedding Video Book


Every wedding is unique, and we understand you might have additional requests.  Here are some of our additional services for your perfect day:

Ceremony and Toasts

We edit together multiple camera angles to give you dynamic films of both your ceremony and toasts in their entirety

Wedding Teaser

60 second trailer to post on your Instagram or Facebook account within a week after the wedding

Raw Footage

All of the raw footage from your wedding provided on a hard drive for your to keep. This is strongly encouraged for backup or storage purposes

Drone Footage

Aerial shot of your venue and the surroundings

Second Videographer

A second videographer for extra coverage of your wedding day. This is especially helpful if you  have important things happening at different locations at the same time

Wedding Video Book

A beautiful video book designed to look like a photo album then when opened plays all the films from your wedding day