Hey, we're Joe and Bill, the core of our wedding videography team, with a truly unique background. Growing up as a tight-knit group of four brothers, we always found ourselves creating our own movies—a tradition that profoundly shapes our work today. Now, as adults with our own families (boasting 15 kids between us!), we've evolved from crafting neighborhood epics to capturing the real-life love stories of couples like you.

There is beauty and elegance everywhere. It is in the words written and spoken between couples, in grandma’s wrinkles as she laughs, or in Dad’s tears as he sees his daughter for the first time. There is beauty in simplicity, and beauty in the extravagant. Whatever beauty looks like for a couple, we want to reflect that in our films.

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the peterson brothers

Whatever beauty looks like for a couple we want to reflect that. For some, in might be a simple dress and makeup to reflect natural beauty, it could be elaborate floral and designs, the way a bride lights up as her groom admires her.

Our films show couples as they are and their day as it was. It is candid and full of simple and genuine moments. The unpolished and natural beauty of true moments and feelings.






Bill was AWESOME to work with! Felt like we were hanging out with a friend throughout our wedding day and he was such good energy! You can really tell he has a passion for his work which means so much to see on your wedding day!

Kayla & Blake

These guys are incredible and I am still blown away by their one of a kind talent! I will forever be grateful we hired the Peterson Brothers for our wedding and that we will have this time capsule to watch for years to come. 

Sarah & Giles

One of the best decisions we made in the wedding planning process was hiring the Peterson Brothers as our wedding videographers. Their work is beautiful, thoughtful and creative. We could not be more grateful.

Kristin & Dex

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No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.


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